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Mattress Myths

The mattress buying experience can be a confusing one, especially when dealing with inexperienced sales associates.  At Mattress World our main goal is to be your sleep specialist, and this means ensuring you find the right bed for you!

Here are the most common Mattress Myths that consumers encounter when shopping for a new sleep set:

Firmer Is Better

Comfort choices are exactly that ... choices.  What one person finds comfortable may not be the best option for you.  There have been no well-controlled studies conducted by medical experts that conclude the best firmness.  Comfort = Personal Preference.

Coil Counts:  Higher Is Better

A mattress only has limited "real-estate" for coils.  Therefore there are limited ways to add more coils to a bed ... 1) Make the steel thinner, 2) Make the coil narrower, and 3) Stack coils on top of, or inside of, eachother.  There are also various coil types that all have their pros and cons.  Bonnell, Continuous, and Pocket Coils all have features and benefits for different types of sleepers.  Rather than focussing on how many coils a bed has, you should focus on how it reacts and contours to your body.

A Higher Priced Bed Guarantees A Better Bed

A higher priced bed may guarantee more expensive, luxurious, or durable materials, but it will not gurantee it is the "better bed" for you!  Find the bed that creates the support and comfort that you require for a better nights sleep at the price you can afford.

You Shouldn't Move In Your Sleep

Movement during the night is completely normal.  When these movements cause you to wake is when it becomes a problem.  Sleep paralysis only can occur during REM sleep.  This cycle only lasts on average 20 minutes, while occuring every 90 minutes during the night.  Movements that cause you to wake from sleep can be attributed to multiple factors and are not necessarily an indication of a bad mattress.

Your Mattress Should Last As Long As The Warranty

The average comfort life of a mattress is 7 - 10 years.  The warranty a manufacturer gives is the time they believe it will be free of defects and does not reflect how long the bed will be comfortable for you.  Generally more expensive beds made with more durable materials will carry a longer warranty as these products will be less likely to experience a defect over a longer time period.

Body Impression Vs. Sagging

Over time you may notice an identation in the surface of your mattress where you sleep.  These indentations can be completely normal, or can be an indication of a product failure covered by warranty.  If the indentation is less than 1 1/2" (3/4" on some products) it is classified as a "body impression" and is completely normal.  Body impressions are caused by the normal settling and wearing of the various upholstery layers of your mattress.  However, if the indentation is greater that 1 1/2" it can be an indication of a defect in the mattress or foundation.  If you are concerned about an indentation in your mattress surface simply contact the Mattress World location you purchased from, or the manufacturer's warranty, to find out how to properly measure the depth or to get further details on your warranty coverage.