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Mattress Care

Proper Bedframe/Support

It is recommended, and a requirement of the manufacturer's warranty, that some full (double), and all queen and king size mattress sets have a proper support system under them.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Platform bases 
  • Metal Frames with a minimum of 5 legs including a centre support that extends to the floor
  • Wooden frames with a minimum of 5 hardwood slats including 3 centre legs that extend to the floor

Rotating Your Mattress

If you ahve purchased a no-flip, or one-sided mattress, you will only need to rotate your new mattress from end-to-end.  You should rotate your new mattress every two weeks, for the first three months.  After that, a once a month rotation will help provide even, uniform wear and a longer, more comfortable mattress life.  Never bend, fold, or stand on the mattress.

Cover Protection

A washable mattress protector should always be used for health reasons and to comply with your bedding warranty.  We recommend the purchase of a stain repellant mattress protector from your local Mattress World store.


If any damage is found after receipt of your sleep set, simply call the Mattress World retailer from whom you purchased the sleep set, within 48 hours.  We will promptly repair, or replace the damaged item.

Warranty And Service

The mattress warranty is not an indicator of how long the mattress will last before requiring replacement as mattresses wear out over time.  Most mattresses will offer the optimum comfort and support for up to 7 years.  Your bedding warranty is for defects in materials or workmanship.  The length of your warranty coverage depends on the type and model of mattress that you purchased.  Some manufacturers' warranties may be Pro-Rated.  This means that after the specified time in years, the manufacturer may repair, or replace the item (at their option), on a Pro-Rated basis.  See your Mattress World retailer for details, or refer to the manufacturer's Warranty Information card attached to your sleep set.  Warranty coverage cannot be applied, if the sleep set is stained, damaged, or otherwise, in an unclean condition, therefore, and approved, stain repellent mattress pad is recommended at the time of purchase.